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IP:  play.azaracraft.com  Use Version 1.9!

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A unique minecraft experience.



A premium minecraft experience.

AzaraCraft is a towny server focused on a player-driven world where players build small towns into city states and there is a largely closed loop economy where players buy and sell goods from each-other rather than the server. Players are encouraged take advantage of the freedom this server offers. Form gangs of bandits and roam about the wilderness where anything goes. Or build a trade empire and get rich beyond your wildest dreams. Or perhaps you would like to build a militaristic city state and conquer your foes. If you are feeling stealthy you could always send spies into a town and conquer it from the inside. In AzaraCraft your destiny is what you make it!



-Towny, protect your buildings.

-No exp loss on death for all players.

-Large free for all wilderness areas.

-Not a pay to win server.

-PVP is allowed anywhere outside of towns.

-Form towns, nations and outposts.

-Realistic Warfare

-High quality servers with no lag.

-A quality backup system backups all server files every day.

-Dedicated staff that are happy to help you if you have a problem.

-Live server maps that show towns.

-Free phone support in the U.S. and Canada!

-Support the server and gain cool ranks!

-Vote for the server and get prizes! (Coming soon)

-The ultimate mix between pvp and building.

-Your town is secure from attack if one or less players are online.








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