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Three years ago these two crazy guys in high school discovered a weird indie game called Minecraft. Full of glitches and half baked ideas, this game of blocks seemed little more than a gimmicky sandbox world. Upon actually taking a look at the game they realized Mojang had created a bizarre combination of Lego-like sandbox creation and dwarf fortress in 3D. A few months later they started a small server hosted off a computer. This small server rapidly grew by word of mouth among an expanded group of friends that found Minecraft to be a thousand times better when played with others. I mean, building a 50,000 block castle that towers to the heavens if great, right? But building a 50,000 block castle that towers to the heavens THAT YOU CAN SHOW OFF is so much better. So anyways this server eventually ended in a bloody demise as a server hosting company deleted the server without notice. Due to old backups and a complete loss of will to live, much less play Minecraft, the Azara server was dead. (In a somewhat unsurprising turn of events that server company went out of business not long after.)


One shadowy alliance with the Illuminati later, the now immortal and omnipotent founders of AzaraCraft are back to bring you a new server that incorporates the traditions and concepts of the original server and upscales them to a classy new server with top notch management and smooth game play experience.


We believe that a friendly community, a little competition and a lot of fun make for a server that will make you never want to play Minecraft alone again.


(If you haven't played Dwarf Fortress, it's a pretty great game. You should probably check it out here.)

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