How to change your game version Instantly.

Step 1.

Make sure you have the Minecraft launcher. (The launcher is that page that has Minecraft news, links, and the play button at the bottom.)

If you don't have the Minecraft launcher you need to download it at the Minecraft official website.


Step 2.

Click the "Edit Profile" button on the lower left corner of the launcher.


Step 3.

Under the second category labeled "Version Selection" you will see a bunch of options.

Click on the "Use Version" drop-down menu and select the version you want.


Step 4.

If you are changing your version to get onto our server then select "release 1.6.2".

Also note that our server motd that pops up on your in-game server page will always show you what version the server is on.


Step 5.

Click on the "Save Profile" button and you are done!


Have Fun!











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