Privacy Policy

Here at AzaraCraft we value your privacy as much as you do.


All information submitted to this website, our email, or in messages sent to one of our social media accounts will be considered confidential and will not be released to anyone unless we are legally required to do so.


Be aware that we do not guarantee  the confidentiality of any communications that take place on 3rd party services such as facebook, twitter, google+, or tumblr. For more information please read the privacy policies of those respective websites.


Please note that anything said in server chat is not confidential, whether it is public chat or a personal in-game message. Due to all the moderators, admins, and other staff as well as your fellow players that have access to server chat we make no guarantees regarding the confidentiality of this information.


Buycraft doesn't have any of your credit card information, they do keep some minor data in thier servers about customers however it is secure. We recommend you look at the buycraft's privacy page for more info: that can be found here.


The actual transactions are secured via https encryption by pay-pal or whatever payment service you use.












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