We're not going to try and confuse you with a million ranks or have crazy expensive ranks costing hundreds of dollars like some servers do. We have three ranks: Knight, Noble, and Lord each with increasing benefits. Each rank gets all the benefits of the lesser ranks, so for example the "Noble" rank gets all the benefits the knight rank has. To make things even easier we have an automated system that gives you your ranks and other benefits you've paid for almost instantly!


Pricing is on the donation page please read through the benefits to see what rank is right for you.


Also please note that ranks are not the only thing you can get from donating. Check out our Donations page for more info.



Rise above the crowd and ascend to knighthood!


-The title “Knight” shows up in front of your name in chat

-Your name is green

-Wear any block as a hat.

-Link urls in chat.

-Use colored text  in your private messages.

-Use the /me command to talk in the 3rd person

-Get the following pets: sheep, cow, pig, chicken, and ocelot.



Become a Noble and seize your birthright!


-All the bonuses of the Knight rank plus:

-The title “Noble”

-Your name is bright green

-Use the “magic” effect in text in messages

-Use format codes in messages

-Use the /blancetop command to see who the richest people are

-Access better pets: slime, mushroom cow, pig zombie, zombie, and spider!

-More on the way!


Become a lord today and join the most exclusive class in Azara.


-All the bonuses of all previous ranks plus:

-The title “Lord”

-A cool Cyan name color

-Join the server even when it is full!

-Priority assistance if you need help

-Beta test new content on the server

-The ability to vote for future features on the server.

-The ability to spawn your own player head at will!

-A wide range of the best pets: wolf, cave spider, magma cube, silverfish, and enderman!

-Gain the ability to ride your wolf pet!

-Wear any pet as a hat.

-More to come!



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